Johnny's Pizza

Johnny's Pizza: Pizza to Impress


Brand strategy


Chris, the founder of Bridges, met Johnny at a networking event in Raleigh in the fall of 2019. After talking brand strategy and hearing about Johnny's story we figured we would be a great fit to work together on a video project. He wanted a high-energy brand story that captures the culture of the business and his personality with it.

Our Approach

Before we even picked up a camera, we knew what we wanted this video to look like. We had confident, high-energy music picked out, a rough storyline, and a few big shots that we know we needed to hit. Waking up early and getting on-site at 6 in the morning, we were ready to start shooting and knock it out of the park.


What happened?
Without running a single ad, the video got over 900 engagements including 158 comments on Facebook, 68 comments on Instagram and a reach of over .6 million people.
"I have had a lot of promotional videos done, but over the past 10 years this has been by far the best video I have had done."
Johnny Pavlic
Owner of Johnny's Pizza

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