Buoy Bowls

Celebrating four years of excellent service and the best Acai bowls in the south

Video Production

Promotion Strategy


Derek came to us with the intention of creating a video to celebrate and thank his customers for four great years in mind. With the intended platforms of Instagram and Facebook, he wanted something high-energy and "punchy" to capture people's attention and hold it throughout the video.

Our Approach

We approached this video first by scouting out the truck and taking a look at previous videos done for them. Confident that we could knock this out of the park, we began planning out each shot. We picked out our music to be fast-paced but also knew we needed a balance of quiet parts to accentuate the fast-paced moments. We also knew that we wanted purple to be throughout the video for brand alignment. Going off of the color, we finished off the video with an animation that we made by recreating the truck design and turning it into a motion graphic in post-production.


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