Want to get paid doing what you love?

Join our team as a creative partner!
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Get Paid Your Going Rate

Creatives do their best work when they are able to get compensated for their work without exception. Our goal is to provide another source of income for creators to keep doing what they love without selling their soul to an agency.

Pick your projects

You are not obligated to take on any projects you don’t want to, nor do we restrict you from taking on any work outside of Bridges. Our only goal is to provide creatives with extra opportunities to collaborate on bigger projects and reach a higher level of income stability.

Expand Your Creative Network

Relationships and connections are incredibly important to succeed in this industry. Our goal is to bring creatives together to learn from one another, collaborate on big projects, and just meet new people from different walks of life. We believe that Iron sharpens Iron and something really special happens when people collaborate towards something bigger.

Creative Freedom

Getting asked to be a part of our team means that we completely trust you to do what you do best. We will bring you into client meetings to understand the projects fully and set you up for success, but after that we trust our creatives to run the show from there and bring the vision to life.